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Kenyan children learn skills to protect themselves and others

Feature Documentary By CGTN Africa, February 10, 2017 By CGTN Africa

‘No Means No’ Program Targets Sexual Violence in Kenya

Online Article By Voice Of America, February 08, 2016 media_houses_voice_of_america By Voice Of America

Raising Voices For Women and Girls

Online Article By Govt. of Canada September-03, 2016 media_houses_reuters By Govt. of Canada

Inside A Remarkably Successful Rape Prevention Class In Nairobi

Online Article By Think Progress, September-23, 2015 media_houses_reuters By Beenish Ahmed

Kenyan schoolboys save girls from rape after learning ‘no means no’

Online Article By Reuters, March-23,2015 media_houses_reuters By Katy Migiro

Rape-prevention program cuts sexual assaults in Kenya

Online Article By Reuters, April-16,2014 media_houses_reuters By Ronnie Cohen

Rapists Warned: 33 Bad Women on the Prowl

Online Article By Daily Nation, December-03-2011 media_houses_daily_nation By Rosemary Quipp

Grannies Ready to Fight Rapists

Online Article By MSNBC, May-16-2010 media_houses_msnbc By Tom Odula

Elderly Women Learning to Protect Themselves From Rape In Nairobi

Online Article By Huffington Post, May-16-2010 media_houses_huffington_post By Huffington Post

Program Teaches Poor Women, Girls in Nairobi How to Protect Themselves

Online Article By Voice of America, April-28-2010 media_houses_voice_of_america By Voice of America

Self Defense Grannies Inside Africa

Online Article By CNN, October-20-2009 media_houses_cnn By David McKenzie and Isha Sesay