The Ujamaa Daycare Centers were opened to support the most vulnerable children in the slums of Nairobi. We choose participants based on the degree of neglect and danger the child was experiencing in the home, particularly during work day hours.
Many of our children were found to be virtual shut ins, either alone and hungry or in the care of another child under 5 for most of the day – some for days at a time.

Through Ujamaa-Africa and Manasseh’s Children the “Nyayo” and “K.B” day care centers were open to cater for 70 extremely vulnerable kids who were severely malnourished, often abandoned alone and come from extremely needy families. Despite assisting the 70, many more children in the community were still at risk unable to be taken care of.

Impressed by the milestones achieved through the “Nyayo” and “KB” daycares and moved by the predicament of the remaining suffering children, we opened 2 more daycare centres in the same informal settlement. This noble gesture gave rise to “Ngomongo” and “Highridge” daycare centers.

We are currently serving 150 of the most vulnerable children in each.


The Centers

Our centers were opened to strengthen working families. We care for pre-school age children so parents can get out and earn an income without worrying about safe, accessible childcare.There are 4 day-care centers set up by Ujamaa Africa & Manasseh children, currently serving the 9 villages of Korogocho slums.

These centers care for 155 vulnerable and extremely needy children left abandoned by parents who have no other option as they seek out work to help feed and care for their families.

Our vision is to open more centers to cater for the many suffering children and not just in Korogocho but also across the 5 largest urban slums in Nairobi.

A typical day for the centers starts at 7am.
The volunteer cooks start preparing porridge for the kids. Parents streaming in from
7.30 to about 9am dropping off kids who are received by the volunteers for roll call.

Whole-wheat porridge for breakfast is served at 10 am followed by a play session. They then start reciting alphabets and other basic kindergarten rhymes.
Lunch is usually served at 12.30pm after which kids take their afternoon nap. They wake up to a cup of porridge before leaving for their houses at 4:30pm. The volunteers are left to clean and prepare for the next day.



All of our programs are low cost. Every center is staffed by local, loving community members who are experienced at making a small amount of money go along way.

The cost per child per MONTH is $4.20 the price of one latte.

Our Plan
These early years of life are crucial not only for physical health but cognitive and social-emotional development as well.
Our plan is to open enough daycares to care for the most vulnerable children in all 9 villages of korogocho. the daycare are to be very effective and increase the security, health and upbringing of the children.
Expansion of the daycares into other wanting communities and regions of kenya will see to it that the importance of a balanced meal, positive environment and care of children brings an end to child neglect and abandonment.

How You Can Help

Through your support Ujamaa children are gaining important social skills as
well as the nutrition necessary for optimum early childhood development.

To Donate via Paypal: info@manassehschildren.org